Reality Transurfing (2004)

Dear Reader!

I have no doubt, that like most people, you want to lead a comfortable and wealthy life that is free from diseases and traumas. However, it may often seem that your life decides otherwise and it is instead toying with you, as if you were a paper boat in stormy waters. In the pursuit of happiness, you have probably already tried many well-known methods. However, have you managed to achieve great success with a usual view of life?

This book talks about some very strange and unusual things. This may all be so shocking to you that you would not want to believe it. However, it will not be necessary for you to believe. You will receive all the tools you need to test the claims made in this book. Having done that, your ordinary view of life will change completely.

Transurfing is a powerful method that will allow you to do the most impossible things (impossible from a normal point of view) – namely, to manage your destiny just the way you like. There will not be any miracles. Something greater is awaiting you. You will be convinced that the unknown reality is much more incredible than any magic.

Many books teach people how to become rich and happy. It is all, of course, very tempting. I mean, who would not want to be rich and happy? But when you open the book there are exercises and meditations that require hard effort. It is rather depressing, really. Life is practically a test in itself, and yet they suggest you push and pull even harder, squeezing out whatever is left inside you.

They try to convince you that you are not perfect and therefore you must change. Otherwise, do not count on anything good happening to you. Now, it may be the case that you are not quite satisfied with yourself. Yet, somewhere deep inside you feel that you do not really want to change. And you are right. Do not believe anyone who says that you are not perfect. How can x Reality Transurfing anybody know how you are supposed to be? You don’t have to change yourself. You are looking for the way out in all the wrong places.

We won’t be doing any exercises, meditations or soul digging. Transurfing is not a new self-improvement technique, but it is an entirely different way of thinking and acting so that you can get exactly what you want. Not to strive for things you want in your life but to get what you want. And not by changing yourself but by returning to yourself.

We all make many mistakes in life, and then we dream about how great it would be to be able to go back to our past and make everything right. I’m not promising you “a sweet ride back to your childhood”1 but mistakes can be fixed, almost as if you’ve been back to your past. Or rather “forward into your past”. The true meaning of these words will be unveiled towards the end of this book. You couldn’t have heard or read anywhere else what I am about to tell you. Thus, be prepared for surprises that are as incredible as they are pleasant.


I. The Model of Variations
This chapter contains a theoretical introduction to Transurfing. The model of variations – in principle, a new way of looking at the structure of our World. Man doesn’t know that it’s possible not to strive for, but simply to get what is desired. Why is this possible?

The Rustling of Morning Stars
Puzzle of the Observer

II. Pendulums
Groups of people, thinking in the same direction, create energy-information structures – pendulums. These structures begin to develop independently and subject people to their own laws. People don’t realize that they unwillingly act in the interests of the pendulums. How can we wake up out of this sticky morass?

Destructive Pendulums
Battle of the Pendulums
Strings of the Marionettes
You get what you don’t want
Failure of the Pendulum
Stilling the Pendulum
Simple Solutions to Complex Problems
Suspended Condition

III. The Wave of Success
The metaphors “Blue Bird” and “The Wheel of Fortune” have a completely material basis. It’s well known that success and lack of success follow one another, like white and black zones. How can we exclude the black zones from our lives?

Antipode of the Pendulum
The Boomerang
The Broadcast
Magic Rituals

IV. Equilibrium
People themselves create their own problems and obstacles, and then waste energy on overcoming them. In contradiction to the generally accepted viewpoint, Transurfing shows that the reasons for problems lie entirely in another plane. How can we exclude problems from our lives?

Surplus Potentials
Dissatisfaction and Judgment
Dependent Relationships
Idealizing and Overestimating
Scorn and Vanity
Superiority and Inferiority
The Desires to Have and Not to Have
The Feeling of Guilt
From the Struggle to Equilibrium

V. An Induced Transition
Why does every succeeding generation think that earlier, life was better? How many generations have already passed since the beginning of history! And each generation is certain that the world has become worse. Apparently, then, the world has a tendency to degenerate? But if this were really so, then a few dozen generations would have been enough for civilization to simply fall into hell. What’s happening here?

Displacement of the Generations
The Pendulum’s Funnel

VI. The Flow of Variations
Where do presentiment, intuition, prophesy and discovery, as well as masterpieces of art, come from? Is it true that it is the intellect of man that invents and creates? The flow of variations is a luxurious gift for intellect, but man doesn’t even know about it. And what are «signs», and why do they work?

The Information Field
Knowledge from Nowhere
The Applicant, the Offended, and the Warrior
Movement with the Flow
Guiding Signs
Let go of the Situation

VII. Intention
Where do dreams come from? Are they really only the product of imagination from man’s intellect? What is in common between dreams and reality? The curtain is opening over the secret power of the ancient magicians who built the Egyptian Pyramids and other similar structures.

Awakening while asleep
The Space of Dreams
The Magical Power of Intention
External Intention
Scenarios of the Game
The Game according to Your Intentions
The Cleansing of Intention

VIII. Slides
Why do desires go unfulfilled, and dreams not come true? In order to know how to turn the desired into reality, it’s necessary to know how to place an “order”. Beginning with this chapter, concrete and practical recommendations are presented for using the technique of realizing an order. It is the first step of the magician.

The Bending of Reality
Positive Slides
Widening the Comfort Zone
Visualization of the Aim
Visualization of the Process
Transfer Chains

IX. Mind and Soul
Man possesses a huge amount of force, which is sometimes called psychic energy. Everybody has magical powers, but they are deeply blocked. It seems, you don’t have to go too deep, in order to open the inner reserves and latent possibilities. The amazing is right beside us, but man pays no attention to it.

The Winds of Intention
Billows of the Soul
The Magician inside of You
The Angel-Savior
Cover for the Soul
The Freile
Union of the Mind and Soul
Sound Slides
Window to the Space of Variations
The Frame

X. Aims and Doors
Each person has his or her own path, on which he or she finds authentic happiness. But how can we find the path? You’ll learn how to do it. And how can we achieve our aim, when our desires don’t always correspond to our possibilities? You’ll become convinced that your possibilities are limited only by your intentions. Breaking down the locks of stereotypes, you will open doors which before seemed impregnable to you.

How to choose your own things
How to be a Trendsetter
Others’ aims
Breaking down Stereotypes
Your aims
Your doors
Reanimation of Aims

XI. Energy
Good health and a sufficiently high energy level are required to take part in Transurfing. Here, we give simple and effective recommendations for raising your life energy to the required level. For this, you definitely don’t have to get tangled up with workouts, diets or other methods of violence against yourself.

Energy level
Stress and Relaxation
Energy Vampires
The Protective Membrane
Raising your Energy Level
The Energy of Intention
The Step of Intention
The Pendulums of Disease

XII. Freiling
Freiling is the very fascinating technology of human relations. So you want to learn how to exercise control over people, in order to achieve success? That’s the least effective and most doubtful method. You don’t have to press on the surrounding world, in striving to achieve your aims. You will become convinced that the World itself is coming to meet You with open arms. People feel an unexplainable sympathy towards You.

The Intention of Relationships
The Flow of Relationships
Tuning the Freile
The Energy of Relationships
The Search for Work

XIII. Coordination
In order to achieve your aims, you don’t have to be strong or confident in yourself at all. There is another, much more effective alternative. Coordination is the simple method of thinking and acting such that success will always be on your side. It’s the same as learning to ride a bicycle. As soon as you learn how to do this, your life will become transformed into never-ending pleasure.

The Labyrinth of Doubt
Coordination of Importance
Battling with Clay Dummies
Stopping the Battle
Coordination of Intention
Apples Fall into the Sky

XIV. Forward into the Past
Fantasy and magic sometimes bewitch us with their mystical secrets. But it is nothing, compared to those magnificent feelings of amazement and delight, which you will experience when your apparently unachievable dreams start to come true. Only, for this, a little time is needed, while you’ll want to get confirmation of everything you’ve read about here immediately. And you will get it. You yourself will create magic and you’ll see it with your own eyes. When the unbelievable turns into reality right before your very eyes, it will look stunning. This is already not fantasy, but reality, which is much more amazing than any mysticism.

Shades of Decoration

XV. Letters from the Past
Fragments of this book, before it appeared in print, have been published in the form of postings on the Internet. The current chapter appeared as a result of written exchanges with the first to journey through the space of variations. Methods of applying the technique of Transurfing in practice are demonstrated.

Black zones
The Game with Partners
Esoteric Knowledge
How to return a Loved One
Potentialities of Importance
Inversion of Reality

XVI. Conclusion
On the basis of the model of variations, an explanation is given for several paranormal manifestations and strange phenomena of space and time.

Strange Reality
The Intention of Ancient Magicians

Chapter II. Pendulums (fragment from the English edition; release date: September 2008)

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