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Transurfing in 78 Days

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Transurfing coaches:

Renée M. Garcia - English Speaking Countries serving the USA & Canada

Blaise Magnenat - French speaking countries

Fernando M. Branco

Fernando M. Branco - English speaking countries

Luana Salvatore

Luana Salvatore - Italian speaking countries

Dr. Salah S. Al-Rashed

Dr. Salah S. Al-Rashed - Arabian speaking countries

International Academy of Personal Development

International Academy of Personal Development

Primo Pierantozzi, Coach Professionista
Frank Sanchez

Frank Sanchez - Spanish speaking countries

Gabriel de Launay - French speaking countries

Claire van Gheluwe - French speaking countries

Dmitri Biletzki - New Zealand & Australia

Adele Lamonica - Director of Popular University Giordano Bruno - Italy

Transurfing TV

Mohamed Essa - Egypt

Jihene Troudi - USA

Eugenia Orantes - Spanish speaking countries

International Facebook Group


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