This book talks about some very strange and unusual things. This is all so shocking, that you won’t want to believe it. But you will not be asked to believe it. Methods will be presented that allow you to verify everything yourself. And only then will your ordinary way of looking at things fall apart.

We all, in one way or another, find ourselves in the power of circumstances. Desires go unfulfilled, dreams never come true. And our worst expectations justify themselves, as if to spite us. Can’t we turn this around? It appears that we can. And you’ll learn how. Transurfing is the technology for controlling reality.

In spite of the completely fantastic nature of the ideas presented in this book, they have already found practical affirmation. Those who have tried Transurfing, have experienced amazement, verging on ecstasy. The surrounding world of transurfers changes in an inexplicable way, literally before their very eyes. Those who ventured to employ these methods in everyday life were astonished (perhaps, even frightened) by how real and effective they are.

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Transurfing coaches:

Frank Sanchez

Frank Sanchez - Spanish speaking countries

Blaise Magnenat - French speaking countries

Fernando M. Branco

Fernando M. Branco - English speaking countries

Luana Salvatore

Luana Salvatore - Italian speaking countries

Dr. Salah S. Al-Rashed

Dr. Salah S. Al-Rashed - Arabian speaking countries

International Academy of Personal Development

International Academy of Personal Development

Renée M. Garcia - English Speaking Countries serving the USA & Canada

Primo Pierantozzi, Coach Professionista

Gabriel de Launay - French speaking countries

Claire van Gheluwe - French speaking countries
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